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Transport Fever – ÖBB 1042/1142

The class 1042/1142 is a very reliable electric locomotive of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). Delivered from 1963 onwards these locos were for a long time the most important supports of the electric traction in Austria. In the 1990s many locomotives were rebuilt and renumbered to the class 1142. These locos are still indispensable today, although modern locos have overtaken a great part of the services now.

This package contains 9 locomotives, which shows them in many different operation conditions:

1042.15 – fir green – 1 taillight; decorative chrome-stripes
1042.41 – fir green – 3 taillights, one-leg-pantograph, with green stripes
1042.544 – fire red – testing livery in fire red + silver roof, one-leg-pantograph, and “winged wheel-logo”
1042.502 – blood orange – Pflatsch, beige roof, one-leg-pantograph
1042 001 – blood orange – Pflatsch, grey roof, scissor-pantograph, corner-windows closed
1042 018 – Valousek – Pflatsch, new lights, scissor-pantograph, corner-windows and doors closed
1142 653 – Valousek – Pflatsch, new lights, one-leg-pantograph, corner-windows and doors closed
1142 705 – Valousek – new logo, old lights, corner-windows closed
1142 596 – Valousek – new logo, new lights, corner-windows and doors closed, third taillight completely removed

– All features of TpF are supported
– Carefully researched details
– Custom sound-set
– Every loco has a unique optical aging

These models were originally created by @YstlDystl for Train Fever and converted, as well as new variants added, by me with his approval.
Thanks also to @Taurus1116Fan for his great sounds!

Vehicle specifications:
– Vehicle type: Electric locomotive
– Available: 1963-today in different variants
– Top speed: 130 kph / 150 kph
– Power: 3600 kW / 4000 kW
– Tractive effort: 260 kN
– Weight: 83 tons

For damages to software or hardware, I accept no responsibility.

I wish you very much fun with these unique vehicles and a pleasant journey!

Credits: DomTrain

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