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Transport Fever – NS Stadler Flirt 3

NS Stadler Flirt 3 Vehicle mod for Transport Fever.

The Stadler FLIRT 3 as used by the NS in the Netherlands. Converted from Train Fever. Contains 3 and 4 coach versions. Based on the TF mod by Bastargre, DarkMo, Bandion, Nando and Trunky. NB: basic conversion: models do not age, have no interiors, are not re-colourable.

v2.0: Rebased the conversion on the correct model: Stadler FLIRT 3.

v2.1: Resolved backwards compatibility with separate v1.x release.

v2.2: Adjusted Available From date to 2009 (for similar SLT trains, real FLIRT was from 2016).

v2.3: Reverted textures from DDS to TGA format. Increases mod size but might help people who experience crashes while choosing this train in the game.

v2.4: Textures in DDS format to save space. Removed 6 coach version. Adjusted specs according to wikipedia. Enhanced capacity by 30% to match core game capacity enhancement of RabDE 12/12 Mirage

v2.5: Bugfixes.

Specs (3/4 cars):
cost: €11.2/12.2 M
top speed: 160 km/h
power: 3000 kW
tractive effort: 200 kN
capacity: 51/66
cargo type: passengers
loading speed: 12.0/16.0 x
weight: 120/170 t
length: 59/75 m
running cost: €1.87/2.04 M/year
lifespan: 45 years
available from: 2016
available until: –

Credits: Finne

File Details:3.6 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – NS Stadler Flirt 3 - Download Transport Fever – NS Stadler Flirt 3 - Original Link


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