Transport Fever – NS ICR Expanded

NS ICR Expanded Wagon mod for Transport Fever.

8 models of InterCity carriages of the Dutch railways: NS ICR first and second class, and wagon with cab in forward and reverse direction. Also a repaint of these 4 wagons in the BeNeLux colours. Based on the NS ICR mod by oppie and the Train Fever repaint mod by yavianice.

v1.1: Adjusted specs according to wikipedia.

Specs: (1st/2nd/cab)
cost: € 0.868/1.33/1.07 M
top speed: 160 km/h
capacity: 13/20/16
cargo type: passengers
loading speed: 4.0 x
weight: 40/40/41 t
running cost: € 145/222/178 K/year
lifespan: 50 years
available from: 1980/1980/2000
available until: –

Credit(s): Finne

Download - Transport Fever – NS ICR Expanded

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