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Transport Fever – Northern Utah – Wasatch Front Map

Northern Utah – Wasatch Front Map mod for Transport Fever.

A very large 2:1 map of the Wasatch Front population corridor in Northern Utah with surrounding mountains, canyons, and valleys. Very few industries are included, you should manually place them with the Industry mod of your choice.

Cities are placed close to real locations, and multiple cities/neighborhoods will will grow into huge metropolitan areas. A few historical mining towns are included, now ghost-towns.

Bingham Canyon/Kennecott copper mine is included, with room for 2-3 industries and a freight station. This is an open pit mine and the largest man-made excavation in the world.

For a challenge, place resource industries in the smaller eastern valleys and deliver the raw goods through narrow canyons to your production centers.

*** Requires experimentalMapSizes = true in settings.lua ***

Map Size: 3585 x 7169

Suggested Mods:

Clean Cliffs (by Clonkh), otherwise the mountains and lake shorelines will be covered with an insane amount of rocks.

More Right-Angle Streets (by nate.wilson), Utah cities are very grid based.

You might also try “No Initial Roads,” but I find it easier to go without and let the game do a decent job of snake-ing roads through the canyons, then delete and replace the inter-city road networks in the main vallies.

This is my first map, I spent several weeks revamping the heightmap, and the map coverage area, and I’ve flattened out most of the main vallies a bit to make it easier to lay your transportation network.

Now, if someone would just make some UTA FrontRunner engines (diesel and electric versions would be awesome), reskin the bi-level octagonal coaches, and make some TRAX Light Rail…….

Credits: BachN4th

File Details:37 MB / ZIP
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