Transport Fever – Norfolk & Western J Class

The Norfolk & Western J Class was one of the last gasps of mainline streamlined conventional steam locomotives. Built in the N&W’s own shops in 1941, they proved extremely powerful and capable of hauling the N&W’s fastest passenger trains (the Pocahontas and the Powhattan Arrow) over its short but mountainous mainline from Norfolk to Cincinnati. Despite its streamlined appearance, no professional industrial designer was involved in designing its shrouded appearance.

Dieselization came late to the coal-rich N&W, with the J class only being retired in 1958. Towards the end of their lives they found themselves in all kinds of miscellaneous service, proving powerful enough to haul long slow unit coal trains and manifests.

This locomotive features all the usual bits and bobs of a Transport Fever locomotive, in addition to a custom whistle.

Stats for nerds:

Max Speed: 115 MPH
Power: 5100 horsies
Tractive Effort: 80,0000 ft-lbs
Available: 1941-1960

Credit(s): donoteat

Download - Transport Fever – Norfolk & Western J Class

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