Transport Fever – Nomad Hydrogen Locomotive

Nomad Hydrogen Locomotive mod for Transport Fever.

This futuristic vehicle is made for the Design The Future modding contest.

Nomad – Thé locomotive for cross continent transport – is a hybrid locomotive, with a hidden pantograph, and hydrogen for lines without catenary. It packs a massive amount of power, making it thé choice for rapid mass transport of freight between Europe, Asia and Africa, or North- and South America.

Year: 2040 –
Top speed: 280 km/t
Weight: 230 t
Power: 12,000 kW
Tractive effort: 1,200 kN
Running cost: 5.74 M/year
Lifespan: 60 years
Fuel: Hydrogen/ Electric

– DDS textures
– Custom soundset
– Changeable colors

– Dirt/ Rust
– Interior
– More LODs (some are included)
– Wagons with fitting coupler height, and matching speed.

Credit(s): PaTrond

Download - Transport Fever – Nomad Hydrogen Locomotive

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