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Transport Fever – Marshalling Yard Light Group V1.1

Marshalling Yard Light Group mod for Transport Fever.

The new version is not compatible with the old version of the game archive because of the updated model and naming. Therefore, a new version of the marshalling yard light group was released.
The old version is used to ensure that the previous game archive is successfully loaded
If you start a new game, cancel the old version of the subscription, subscribe to the new version.

Update Description: 2017.4.15
Add LOD format (LODs: SuperPaul5000)
Integrated plug-in selection page. (thanks: SuperPaul5000)

Can be placed according to the number of tracks free combination.

Select the marshalling yard light group, the mouse moved to the side of an railway,
The MOD is automatically attached to the rail.
Move the mouse back and forth, select the appropriate location, click the left mouse button. Finish.

Mod by: HugeDragonYK

Credits: hugedragonyk, SuperPaul5000

File Details:4 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – Marshalling Yard Light Group V1.1 -


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