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Transport Fever – Marqash Sea Industries Map

Marqash Sea Industries Map mod for Transport Fever.

Marqash Sea_Ind uses the game’s auto-placement for industries. The map is made from a sat-map of the Black-Sea area then photo-shopped.
A fantasy-map with 18 cities on a 6K map, 6145 square. Long and short rail-lines with tons of shipping.
This version has 2-extra cities having 18 due to the game needing an extended road network for auto-industry placement. The no-industry version has 16 cities.
*This map is extra large and you need to turn-on big maps in your settings.lua file. experimentalMapSizes = true
Program Files (x86)Steamuserdata”userid”446800local in that local folder is the settings.lua file.

Credits: Lowell

File Details:23.2 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – Marqash Sea Industries Map -


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