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Transport Fever – Manhattan & Westchester, NY Map (No Industry)

Manhattan & Westchester, NY Map (No Industry) mod for Transport Fever.

Have a chance to build your rail empire on Manhattan Island, the heart of New York City. This map includes Westchester County and parts of Queens, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. Will you engineer a system with express trains whizzing through Manhattan or will you rebuild the long abandoned High Line?


1. 25 Cities
2. Map Size: Megalomaniac | 1:5 Ratio | Approximately 5 mi x 30 mi (8 km x 50 km)
3. Mostly Flat Terrain with hilly region
4. No Industry besides 2x Farm – I highly recommend Industry Tycoon mod to strategically place industry to build your empire on Manhattan


Experimental Map Sizes turned on

Suggested Gameplay

1. Use Industry Tycoon mod to plop strategic industry as Manhattan gets filled
2. Grid Streets, mimicing the pattern of Manhattan
3. Challenge: To fill up Manhattan with skyscrapers and a gridded pattern
4. 4-track metro/rail system, 2 local + 2 express, express + local stations
5. Ferries

Version History

1.0 – Release
1.1 – Fixed Water Navigability, Smoothed Edges

Credits: OhMySnowball

File Details:9 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – Manhattan & Westchester, NY Map (No Industry) - Download Transport Fever – Manhattan & Westchester, NY Map (No Industry) - Original Link


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