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Transport Fever – Long Island Railroad MP70 EMU

Long Island Railroad MP70 EMU mod for Transport Fever.

The all-aluminum MP70 was the first ‘double deck’ railcar in America, though its method of alternating booth heights both restricted capacity and infuriated passengers. Unpopular for its ‘knee-knocker’ seating and lack of privacy for female passengers on the second level of booths, they were retired in 1972.

Stats for nerds:

Max Speed: 85 MPH
Capacity: 132/4 = 33
Power: 670 horsies
Tractive Effort: 90 kN-m
Available: 1932-1972 (LIRR scheme 1932-68, World’s Fair scheme 62-68, MTA scheme 1968-1972)


Download - Transport Fever – Long Island Railroad MP70 EMU

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