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Transport Fever – JR East Series 215

JR East Series 215 mod for Transport Fever.

The Series 215 DDL (Double Decker Liner) is a Multiple Unit built in 1992, and its main feature is that all of the cars are double-decker. However, as a result of the structure, there are only two doors and cross-seats inside the train, which took a long time to get in and out of the train and caused delays, so the train is now operated as a reserved seat train.Contents

This mod includes:
・Series215 10cars
[Kumoha215]-[Moha214]-[Saha215]-[Saha214]-[Saha214]-[Saro215(1st class)]-[Saro214(1st class)]-[Saha215]-[Moha214]-[Kumoha215]
・Series215 5cars

Credits: Pz.kpfw.7

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