Transport Fever – Japan Extra Large (No Industries)

Japan Extra Large (No Industries) mod for Transport Fever.

An extra large version map of Japan with no industries.

Stretched the map to the limits of the game engine and added most important cities. For the sake of Gameplay, I took a bit of lycense as to choosing which cities to place and moved them around a little bit.

As far as I see it, this is the map size where the game engine is really used to the optimum. You can have local truck and bus routes, but they will be impractical over longer distances. Trains are the best compromise. But in fact, it is a very good map for using planes on.

A fast PC is really recommended, although the recent patches have really improved the late game gameplay. The upcoming performance improvement patch should smother things out even more.

Required Mod – Industry Tycoon

Credit(s): Dicapitano

Download - Transport Fever – Japan Extra Large (No Industries)

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