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Transport Fever – Iceland Map

Iceland Map mod for Transport Fever.

Iceland with a few cities – large map, built on realistic heightmap. Feel free to give me your (positive and negative) feedback and suggestions. Feel free to use the map, modify it, do anything you like, just quote me if you publish anything (and telling me would be nice 🙂 )

Snowy pictures are taken with this mod active.

Enjoy a few major cities of Iceland with its unique geography and beauty : Fjords, Volcanos, People living mostly near the sea.

Sadly I could not make the ice, lava and black ashe beaches that make the magic of this beautiful country. But if someone has an idea I’d love to try and make it.

My biggest thanks to :
– JORAM724 who wrote this nice guide
– DofD for his great Snow Mod (link above in the description).
– Whoever made this great tool (I did not find who)
– The whole team of Train Fever for providing us with such a fantastic game.

Credits: Liringlas

File Details:7.2 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – Iceland Map -


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