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Transport Fever – Hexagon

Hexagon mod for Transport Fever.

The Hexagon is a self Driving Multiple Unit.
Named after its solar hexagon panels cells neatly placed into the roof.
The train require electrified tracks so it can share the overflow to the rest of the transport network.

The mod is based on the future AmTrak, for the 2050 mod competition in the futuristic vehicle category.

Wagons: 2 powered end cars + 6 passenger cars
Capacity: 272
Top Speed: 300 km/t
Weight: 248 t
Power: 7000 kW
Tractive Effort: 460 kN
Price: $58.4 M
Running Cost: $9.73 M/year
Available: 2040

You may notice there are no doors. It’s the future – everyone teleport right into place.
Doos will come in a future update when the competition is done.

Credits: OlaHaldor

File Details:17 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – Hexagon - Modsup.com
Download Transport Fever – Hexagon - Original Link

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