Transport Fever – GWR Coaches (Long)

GWR Coaches (Long) mod for Transport Fever.

GWR Coaches (Long).
Available: 1883-1966
Includes a brake version.

GWR Clerestory Coach: Carries 12, 60mph (96kph)
GWR Clerestory Coach (Brake): Carries 8, 60mph (96kph)

Several hundred of this style of long coach with bogies were built from the 1870s and used on the GWR. These were mostly compartment coaches with a clerestory roof housing the gas lighting, feed from tanks under the chassis. The brake coach housed the guard and extra luggage, and had a manual brake to hold the train when the engine was detached.

Supports user colours. No aging or user logo.

Update: Changed speed to 60mph (from 45mph). Changed end date to 1966 (from 1906). For compatibility with my latest GWR engines.

Credit(s): JK

Download - Transport Fever – GWR Coaches (Long)

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