Transport Fever – Girder Bridges

Adds 2 additional rail bridges, up to 124mph/200kph (depending on track). And 2 additional road bridges. Has no visible support pillars. Brick end pillars should be added manually as Track Assets.
Available: Always

A very common small UK style bridge. These are intended for short lengths without much depth, such as crossing over road or rail lines.

The way the game’s bridge system works means they have to have pillars, but they are very small thickness and not visible. This means it will work in some situations other bridges won’t, but it is not infallible to collisions preventing construction.

The brick base ends can be added from the Track Assets menu and will snap to the track (but not the road). This is just for visual purposes. The rail versions for single and double track are premade. For more lines, they can be made up from multiple sections. A diagonal version is also provided for single and double track rail lines. These pillar go quite deep, but no where near as deep as on the Viaducts or standard bridges.

On the thinner depth bridge (1), catanery posts will quite noticibly protude through the bottom. It will slightly noticably protude on the thicker depth bridge (2).

Track to match the speed of the bridge is also avialable:

Also see my Viaducts bridge mod:

(This mod relies on standard textures and resources from the game, for which I take no credit.)

Credit(s): JK

Download - Transport Fever – Girder Bridges

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