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Transport Fever – Galaxy Bus Mod

Galaxy Bus mod for Transport Fever.

The electric low-floor bus Galaxy was put into operation in 2047 and is used for carrying out various tasks for the transportation of passengers within the suburban and urban routes. Due to the use of next generation ultrathin power elements, the floor level of the bus dropped, which made the Galaxy more convenient for passengers, as it greatly facilitated loading and unloading.

The vehicle has a solid body, completely consisting of composite materials, which allowed the use of ultra-wide doors and interior glazing without additional window frames. This made it possible to implement a special multimedia system for informing passengers about the route of the vehicle. The Galaxy bus is equipped with an automatic climate and fire extinguishing systems.
The number of seats is from 21 to 29. The total number of passengers varies from 72 to 90 people. Four comfortable benches in the salon are located in the front and rear areas. Can accommodate up to two prams, strollers or wheelchairs in the spacious central area opposite the entrance.


– up to 29 seats and 61 standees
– an ultra-wide entrance in the center of the bus
– frameless glazing with projection information displays
– the highest level of comfort and safety
– fully self-driving technology
– electric range up to 1500 km
– extra-fast charging

Technical specification:

– Engines: electrical 6 x 48 kW
– Range: up to 1500 km (empty)
up to 800 km (full load)
– Suspension: independent hybrid-maglev
– Dimensions: 11330 х 2600 х 3000
– Weight: 8 tons (empty)
12.6 tons (full load)

This bus was made for the modding contest (category futuristic vehicle).

Credits: MrIgr

File Details:8.1 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – Galaxy Bus Mod - Download Transport Fever – Galaxy Bus Mod - Original Link


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