Transport Fever – ”Futuristic Vehicle” Beluga

”Futuristic Vehicle” Beluga mod for Transport Fever.

The Beluga is a self driving truck by NK Automotiv. The ideas to its construction are from the last 20′. In the time of the electric car revolution and the common use of drones the use of Semi-selfdriving-trucks started. The Beluga is a complet autonomus system which not needs any driver. Just for maintanance purposes someone will enter it. The cargoloading for the Beluga is complete automatic, it also charge with electricity on loading stations by the use of its Pantograph. The Belug is now in 2050 one of the most seen trucks on the Road. Childs love his friendly and cuddly look.

Speed: 87 Mph (140 km/h)
Power: 500 KW

Cargospace: 20 of anything (Special transport units)

Credit(s): Bandion

Download - Transport Fever – ”Futuristic Vehicle” Beluga

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