AssetTrackTransport Fever

Transport Fever – Freight Truck & Train Intersection

A Modern Freight Station.


Number of Tracks: 1 -10
Seccond Street: ja / nein
Crossing: ja / nein
Length: 80, 160, 240, 320, 400, 480
Building: Links, Rechts, Beide, Keine
Extra Track: Links, Rechts, Keins

Tram: ja / nein / Elektro

What gets build also?
Truck Terminals

For what do you need the Station?

minimal Settings (80 Meter, no seccond Street, 1 Track)
1 Trainterminals, 2 TruckTerminals

maximal Settings( 480 Meter, Seccond Street, 10 Tracks, Tram)
10 Trainterminals, 24 TruckTerminals, 2 Tramterminals

Thx to unimatrix who made the Textures.

Credits: Vacation Days on Main

Download Transport Fever – Freight Truck & Train Intersection -


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