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Transport Fever – Fowler Class 4F (LMS/British Rail)

Fowler Class 4F (LMS/British Rail) Locomotive mod for Transport Fever.

Fowler Class 4F locomotive, by killakanz

From Great Britain, Unlocks in 1923

The Fowler 4F was an 0-6-0 locomotive designed for medium freight work.
Nicknamed the ‘Duck Sixes’, LMS built 575 of them between 1923 and 1928. They all entered British Railways stock in 1948 and served through to the end of Steam.
3 of them survive today in preservation, 2 in running condition including no.44422.

– Recolorable
– Dirt and rust.
– Animated drive gear.
– Custom sound effects.
– Custom particle effects.
– GUI icons.
– Price and running costs set by the game’s financial balancing system.

Top Speed: 80.46
Weight: 90.0
Power: 688.3
Tractive effort: 109.2
(game’s default units)

Credits: killakanz

File Details:4.6 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – Fowler Class 4F (LMS/British Rail) - Download Transport Fever – Fowler Class 4F (LMS/British Rail) - Original Link


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