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Transport Fever – Forester

Can be used to reforest large areas.

Step 1: Set the outline of the forest in ‘plan’ mode.
Step 2: Specify desired density and tree species.
Step 3: Create the forest with a click on ‘plant’.

WARNING: This tool will allow you to create a LOT of trees. Planting a lot of trees at once might take a few seconds, up to minutes, in case you make the whole map green. The game performance will suffer. There’s a good reason why games are not created with many trees initially.

HINT: The performance of the tool suffers in case you already added a lot of assets to your map, e.g. trees. The trees that are created by the forester or at the time of map creation have no bigger impact though.

HINT: If you want to make a forest map, select a density of 128 or 160 m² / tree, it will still look pretty good, just not like a dense forest.

I am not liable for any damage to software, hardware or savegames. Regarding latter ones, I suggest backups.

Credits: cpu | skully

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