TrackTransport Fever

Transport Fever – Expensive Tracks

Expensive Tracks mod for Transport Fever.

Increased costs for tracks, bridges, tunnels and catenary


Tracks Cost:
– speedlimit -40
– standard = from 50 to 80
– high-speed = 80 to 260

– 30% to 50% of track cost

– Railroad: speed * 3
– Road: cost * 2

– All tunnels: cost * 2

Terrain Modification:
– cost * 2

New Features:
– Does not conflict with other mods anymore!
– The costs are scripted, no files overridden.

Credits: [TAW] SHOT(by)GUN

Download Transport Fever – Expensive Tracks -


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One Comment

  1. I really like the idea of this mod, but I don’t seem to get it working. I modified the values in the .lua script, then restarted the game, no change. Disabled the mod, loaded the save, saved under a new game, then reenabled it, still no change.
    Am I missing something?

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