Transport Fever – English Electric ‘Balloon’ Tram

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English Electric ‘Balloon’ Tram mod for Transport Fever.

The English Electric Balloon is a type of double-decker tram that is operated on the Blackpool Tramway. Initially brought into service in 1934, the Balloon formed the backbone of the Blackpool tram fleet until the tramway’s conversion to a modern light rail network in 2012. Following the network’s re-opening, nine Balloons were converted to meet the disability regulations to serve as a supplement to the modern Flexity 2 vehicles. Some of the Balloons have been retained for use within the heritage fleet.

Available from 1934

Top speed: 43 MPH (69 KM/H)
Power: 57HP / 43KN
Capacity: 21


With in-game ageing

– Cream and Green
If you’re interested in making a repaint, get in touch!

Credits: Yung Lenin

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