Transport Fever – EMD GP7 – Clinchfield

This mod adds Clinchfield Railroad (CRR) repaints of the generic EMD GP9 available in Transport Fever.

  • 1950-1971 Grey & yellow scheme.
  • 1971-1974 Black & yellow scheme.
  • 1974-1981 Family Lines scheme.

The Clinchfield Railroad (CRR) was an operating and holding company for the Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio Railway (COO). It ran through the Appalachian mountian region of the United States connecting the coal mines of the region as well as acting as a trunk line through the mountains.

For many years the Clinchfield Railroad was leased jointly by the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad and the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. When L&N merged with Seaboard Coast Line in 1983 to form Seaboard System Railroad, Clinchfield was merged into Seaboard as well.

  • DDS textures.
  • 2 LOD levels.
  • Aging with dirt and rust.
  • Multi-unit versions.
  • Engines as rail assets.
Technical Details:
  • Max Speed: 65 mph (105 kph)
  • Power: 1,500 horsepower (1,119 kW)
  • Tractive Effort: 61,500 lbf (274 kN)
  • Availability: (based on era, see above)
  • Cost: (determined by game)
  • This mod adds new vehicles to the game without altering anything in the game.
  • Custom colors and logos have been disabled.
Known Issues:
  • The in-cab camera points backwards due to original model being oriented long hood forward.
  • The multi-unit icon shows everthing on 2nd unit backwards, including logos and text. This is because game is using only one icon image and flipping it for the 2nd unit.

Author takes no responsibility for your hardware or software. Use this mod at your own risk.

Credit(s): dwebster73

Download - Transport Fever – EMD GP7 – Clinchfield

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