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Transport Fever – Deutsche Bahn Siemens Velaro

Deutsche Bahn Siemens Velaro multiple unit mod for Transport Fever.

An update to Class sections and revised windows and black surround is planned. This model is originally from Alex BY and the roof line cannot be altered.
The train is expected to use up to 20% less energy than previous versions of ICE. This is achieved in part by improved body styling. It does not have the ICE3’s panorama lounge where passengers in the end coaches can see the tracks over the driver’s shoulder. The Class 407 has 460 seats: 111 in first class, 333 in second class and 16 in the bistro car. In total this is 37 more seats than the ICE 3, even though the seat pitch is unchanged. This is achieved by putting the traction equipment in compartments at either end of the train instead of hiding it behind panels the length of the train. Unlike all previous ICE versions, the passenger seating is all open-plan and there are no compartments.

The eight-coach Class 407 trains can couple up and work with their Class 403 and Class 406 predecessors. Eight of the 16 bogies per train are powered, and there are four independent sets of traction equipment per train: if two of them break down, the train can still run. For full international flexibility across Europe, it can function on any of four voltages. The fleet will be based in Frankfurt.

Start Date 2014
Passengers 132 (may be updated)
Speed 320 km/h
8 Car Set
Realistic Acceleration – You will need an efficient High Speed Track. May be updated
Cost as game (may be updated)
Wifi Hotspot
Drivers sunblind
Destination display Frankfurt – Basel Main Bf
DDS Textures
Unique Soundset (may be updated)
High Detail
1st & 2nd Class
Restaurant may be added in future no warranty implied
Full Gloss Finish
Velaro D Doors

Credits: Cibaris

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