Transport Fever – DB – Sgklmns Double-Stack Wellcar

DB – Sgklmns Double-Stack Wellcar mod for Transport Fever.

Double-deck container carriers are a form of rail freight wagons which, like flat wagons, are primarily used as container carriers, but are optimized for loading with two stacked containers. For this purpose, the loading area is lowered and the lower container is placed in a trough between the bogies.
Double-deck container trains are not used in Germany or the EU, as the railnetwork is> 90% electrified and the wagons with 2 containers have a too high profile. The wagons and the name are therefore fictional.
However, they fit with a distance of 30cm under the wire, but if you want to use them in style, you should not electrify the rails. Or ignore it: D is only a game.

Use of the mod:
Due to a bug in TPF it is unfortunately not possible to bring the cars into the game as a multiple unit. There is therefore a front wagon, 3 center wagons, for a bit of color change and a rear wagon. The cars are normally used as units of 3-5 cars.
Please note the composition when buying: Front – 1-3xMid – Rear

Several modders have been working on these cars, and I would like to thank them very much, Jansch has built the containers and Nando has given color to the containers. A heartfelt thanks to Kaleut1988 who donated the standard parts for Europeanization and to Skyjoe and Akeem for the support.
Thank you also [GFL] Mr Bosun YT for the presentation video.

Technical specifications:
– Maximum speed: 160 km / h
– Capacity: 30 / car
– cargo: goods, grain, food, tools, machine parts, plastic, building material
– Availability: In stock

Credit(s): Maik [Ger]

Download - Transport Fever – DB – Sgklmns Double-Stack Wellcar

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