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Transport Fever – DannyT Sydney Mega Map Saved Game Jan 2012

DannyT Sydney Mega Map Saved Game Jan 2012 mod for Transport Fever.

This is my saved game on Sydney mega map Jan 2012, it uses 37 mods which mostly are available on Steam and are easy to get using the in-game mod browser. I also uses 4 external mods which I have provided the instructions below…

* Already setup 138 trains running “real” schedules, unpause and they start pouring out of depots!
* Track layout / switch locations mostly followed the real world.
* Play tested by me so the trains don’t “lock-up”.
* The time it takes for trains to travel almost same as real world.

INSTRUCTION: Easy steps to make this saved game work (for Windows based PC, I don’t know the directory structure for Mac or Linux versions)

1. Once you subscribed this mod and seeing the download is completed, open Windows Explorer.

2. Paste this link in Windows Explorer’s address bar –
“C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappsworkshopcontent446800898092742”

3. Right-click on the file named – “Jan 2012 – ready to roll – with less n dummy mods.sav”

4. Select Copy, then paste (Ctrl+v) into –
“C:Program Files (x86)Steamuserdata[Your Steam ID]446800localsave” folder.


5. Load Transport Fever.

6. Go to “Load Game”

7. Choose “Jan 2012 – ready to roll – with less n dummy mods”

8. Check to see if there are red exclamation marks <!> (which are the missing mods)

9. Click on the mini arrow next to the mod name (on the right)

10. Subscribe the mods !

11. Rinse and repeat until there are no red exclamation marks <!>

12. Load the game !

Major update 14 April 2017 Change Note 5 available now!

* Added airport in Bankstown
* Added Airline between Bankstown and Sydney
* Added Ferries for Syd – Parramatta
* Fixed dead-lock at Flemington
* Fixed roads that are broken or incomplete
* Increased signals on tracks
* Added replacement schedules for vehicles of all types
* Extended the length of Indian-Pacific and Intercity trains

Credits: DannyT

File Details:253.5 MB / ZIP
Download Link #1


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