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Transport Fever – Concrete Flying Junction Station

Concrete Flying Junction Station mod for Transport Fever.

Typical Concrete Flying Junction in Europe.

* Available via Passenger station menu
* Attention: this MOD may change the bridge order for other bridge MODs, take attention with use on saved games with other bridge MODs installed.

Implemented functions:
* 1 ~ 6 tracks for upper or lower level
* Crossing angle between 5° and 89° with increment of 1°
* Track grouping of tunnels by 1, 2 or no grouping
* Independent adjustment of cuvres of tracks
* Left handed or right handed
* Build with slope
* Altitude Adjustment

To be implemented functions:
* Option of parallel track raising
* Cosmetics

* Totally rewritten with curves options.
* Fixed issue with change of original in-game bridges in saved games.
* Changed altitude options for a more accurate adjustment, and avoid brdige failure by default

* Planned projects
– Crossing station
– Better Curved station

Credits: Enzojz

File Details:2.4 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – Concrete Flying Junction Station - Modsup.com

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