Transport Fever – Complex Train Stations

Complex Train Stations mod for Transport Fever.

Complex surface station, with underground level and/or tram stop option.

This mod shares the run-time resources with Multi-level / Underground Train Station, you need to have that MOD loaded in order to play.

* Station with a surface level with option of an underground level and/or tram stop
* Pass-through or termianl layout
* From 2 to 12 tracks for each level
* From 40m to 480m platform lengths
* Cross station options with crossing angle of 30°, 60° and 90°
* Minimaliste entrance option
* Optional underground or tram stop with interchange platforms
* Available since 1900

To be implemented:
* Underground tram stop (there’re some techinique bugs)
* Tram stop at another side

– Added terminal station
– Little improvement over tram tracks
Released version.
– Added surface station with tram stop
– Improved tram stop options
Pre-release beta
* Planned projects
– Curved station
– Sunk station
– Elevated Crossing station
– Better flying junction

Credit(s): Enzojz

Download - Transport Fever – Complex Train Stations

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