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Transport Fever – Class (BR) 43

Class (BR) 43 Locomotive mod for Transport Fever.

The German locomotives of DRG Class 43 were standard (see Einheitsdampflokomotive) goods train engines with the Deutsche Reichsbahn.This was the second class that was built on the Einheitslok principle. According to the first classification scheme of the DR’s Standardisation Bureau, 2-10-0 goods train locomotives were to be procured with a 20-ton axle load. To achieve this a two-cylinder class (the Class 43) and a three-cylinder class (the Class 44) were envisaged, because it was not yet known which configuration would be more economical. Ten examples of each class were procured in parallel. The Class 43 was supplied by Henschel and by Schwartzkopff.In trials it was discovered that the Class 43 was more economical to operate at powers under 1500 PSi. As a result, a further 25 examples of the 43 were ordered up to 1928. However, due to the increase in goods train speeds in the 1930s, the Class 44 was given priority thereafter because, in addition to its economy when running at higher speeds and the better running qualities of its three-cylinder driving gear, it was also cleared for running at up to 80 km/h. As a result, no more Class 43s were ordered.

Credits: Maverick18, Bandion

File Details:46.3 MB / ZIP
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