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Transport Fever – Class 220 Voyager

Class 220 Voyager mod for Transport Fever.

The Class 220 ‘Voyager’ DMUs were built by Bombardier Transportation to replace the ageing Intercity 125 and Class 47 hauled Mark 2 coach fleets operating on the Cross Country routes – long distance routes stretching right across the British isles from Penzance in Cornwall to Aberdeen in Scotland.

34 sets were built in 2000 to 2001, initially entering service in 2001 with Virgin trains, however in 2007 all sets were transferred to Arriva’s CrossCountry franchise where they are still in service today across England, Scotland and Wales.

The Class 220 trains were delivered in 4-car sets, which could be connected with other sets if required, and formed the basis of the Class 221 ‘Super Voyager’ tilting trains.


– 2 Liveries – Virgin Trains and Cross Country
– Dirt and rust.
– Custom sound effects.
– Custom particle effects.
– GUI icons.
– Price and running costs set by the game’s financial balancing system.

Top Speed: 200.00
Weight: 183.00 (4 car set)
Power: 700 per engine
Tractive effort: 290
(game’s default units)

Credits: killakanz

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