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Transport Fever – Brush Ground – Pinceau Pour Sol

Brush Ground – Pinceau Pour Sol mod for Transport Fever.


– Before anything else, remember that you should not launch a new map with the mod installed !!!
You must add the mod from a backup.
(If you start a new map with the mod, this will not affect the game, but you put some textures on the map)

V 7.0

-add 4 new farmland textures ( i must make it in 2048*2048 for the size also don’t put too many much 😉 )

V 6.0

-add “water” texture ( i can’t make it with “gloss effect” )
-i’ve put high priority for snow texture ( now you can make more good “snow city” effect because it recover wood grass and all the other 😉 )

V 5.0

-add cobbles texture
-add possibility to stay on the left mouse click for put some textures ( as for the rock and the trees 😉 )


correction of bug where you can’t erase textures


pass texture from 2048 to 1024 and optimize for for more framerate


add snow pen


little correction of pen size ( more little for have less lose of details)
little color correction

V 2.0

-upgrade the problem of texture disappear when you put one on another one … now, You can lay up to 12 textures on top of each other
-correction on “scale” of the textures
-correction of colors and Rendering textures more “net”
-correction of normal map

V 1.0

This mod will add you in the asset a category of brushes allowing you to apply to the ground the textures that you want (snow, earth, grass, asphalt, gravel x2)
You can build what you want on them and these are destructible just like a building (passing with the bulldozer in the center of the texture)
This pack will quickly become you indispensable to customize your edges of tracks, roads, rivers etc, create parks etc!
I hope you enjoy it!

Credits: Léon Cleaner's

File Details:23.4 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – Brush Ground – Pinceau Pour Sol -


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