Transport Fever – British Rail Class 47

British Rail Class 47 for Transport Fever.

British Rail Class 47 Diesel locomotive, by killakanz
Unlocks in 1962
Comes in 3 liveries: BR Blue, EWS Maroon and Railfreight 2-tone grey.

Originally released for Train Fever, the model has had extensive work done to it for Transport Fever.
It now comes with 3 liveries, recolour maps, dirt and rust, an interior with a driver, a working headlight and custom sound effects.

Added code to allow the game to set price and running cost according to it’s own balancing. The locomotives are no longer priced as they were in Train Fever (as in, they’re no longer waaaay too cheap compared to others!).

Credit(s): killakanz

Download - Transport Fever – British Rail Class 47

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