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Transport Fever – Bombardier IC 2 Doppelstock-Set

Bombardier IC 2 Doppelstock-Set mod for Transport Fever.


here you can see my next repaint. This time it’s the IC 2 Doppelstockwagen of the manufacturer Bombardier.

This repaint contains:

IC 2 Doppelstock 1. Klasse
IC 2 Doppelstock 2. Klasse
IC 2 Steuerwagen vorwärts*
IC 2 Steuerwagen rückwärts*

*not original.

Whats missing:

dds textures

In the end i will say a very big “thank you” to @Bandion und @baubus, because they where so kind and gave me permission for upload this repaintpack.

Technical data:

Type: Waggon

Highspeed: 160 km/h

Available: 2015

1. Klasse Wagen: 72 (ingame 18),
2. Klasse Wagen: 112 (ingame 28),
beide Steuerwagen: 64 (ingame 16)

Now have fun with the repaintpack!

Credits: nilds99

File Details:10.8 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – Bombardier IC 2 Doppelstock-Set -


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