Transport Fever – Boeing 747-8f Cargo

Boeing 747-8f Cargo for Transport Fever.

Required Mod : Freight Airport

Read carefuly.

This airplane will loadunload cargo only in freight airports from Freight Airport mod from workshop!

In short lines, production is starting well(yellow line on screenshot), BUT on longer lines(green line on screenshot) to fire up production you will need to add slow plane to line, like “junkers_f_13” or “douglas_dc4_f”, you will see “line usage:yes” if you did all right. Looks like game don’t like when cargo travels too fast.

Performance altered, for shorter turns.

Use this mod at your own risk, freight by planes is not intended by game logic.

Available from 1990.
80 cargo capacity.

Credit(s): namelessone

Download - Transport Fever – Boeing 747-8f Cargo

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