Transport Fever – BLS Vehicles

BLS Vehicles mod for Transport Fever.

This part of the Loetschberg Scenario includes the vehicles

Maybe not known to most people outside of switzerland the locomotives of the BLS
feautured some of the most inovative and strongest locomotives in history.

The Be 5/7 was the first electric locomotive to outperform any steam locomotive.
The Ae 4/4 became the basis for the universal locomotive design world wide.
The Ae 8/8 held title for the strongest locomotive until the Re 6/6 (also a swiss design) replaced her.

But this pack also includes

The DS Loetschberg a wounderful example of swiss steamship design. Like many other escher wyss built steamships it is still in service and is pictured in tourist brochures around the world.

The Blaue Pfeil a wounderful example of the bauhaus design era. Its slick design and modern building techniques make it a timeless classic.

and many more to explore

As with any of this packs they are most fun to play in the Mission (see collection)

This Pack includes only the vehicles

Credit(s): SwissCH[Merci]

Download - Transport Fever – BLS Vehicles

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