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Transport Fever – BKG1

BKG1 Locomotive mod for Transport Fever.

Belarusian Railways BKG1 ,is a type of twin-unit, eight axle, high power mainline electric freight locomotive manufactured by CNR Datong Electric Locomotive for the Belarusian Railway. The locomotives are derived from the China Railways HXD2 locomotive type developed from the Alstom Prima locomotive platform.

About this model:
  • Realistic model
  • Interior
  • Transparent glass
  • Dirt and rust textures
  • New realistic sound script
  • DDS textures
Vehicle data:
  • Price: 24.1 M
  • Available: from 2013
  • Top speed: 120 km/h
  • Weight: 200 t
  • Power: 9.600 kW
  • Tractive effort: 760 kN
  • Running costs: 4.01 M/year
  • Lifespan: 50 years

Authors of original model: Polititsky Pavel, Sergey Timonov

Credits: Antikiller

File Details:14.3 MB / ZIP
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