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Transport Fever – Berlin Area Map

Berlin Area Map for Transport Fever.

The map reaches from Falkensee in the west to Rahnsdorf in the east, Bernau in the north to Königs Wusterhausen in the south.

The Rivers and lakes are largely accurate, and there is an overlay mod to go with it to allow placing infrastructure correctly (link below). This map has been something I worked on in 3 different versions for over a year and only now am I happy enough to try uploading it. It’s not perfect but with TpF2 coming I may never get it out otherwise!

I used a lot of towns. In the city, I used ‘neighbourhoods’ of Berlin (old districts pre-2001 reform). I also added a few extra places in as filler and stops for public transport networks where it made sense. There may be some weird/obscure settlements in there so bear with my placements. If any are missing or misplaced, please feel free to point them out and I’ll consider adding them. I am sure I missed a few, I kept finding new ones right up until the 11th hour.

The town placement is based on the overlay, Google Maps research, and OpenStreetMap research. The rivers and lakes were traced by hand straight from the overlay image. Generally, I placed them where it was obvious they fitted, or as close to what I considered the ‘centre’ of the town.

Current issues are:

  • It’s huge (6145×6145 pixel heightmap 24x24km ingame size) and has a LOT of towns so you will need a pretty good PC to run it, especially as you start to fill out the roads and transport networks.
  • It’s flat. I know Berlin isn’t *totally* flat (it is mostly flat-ish, but some hills exist, e.g. Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg etc.)) but I really couldn’t find any decent DEM data for the area.
  • Because TpF’s towns don’t cover enough area initially and some of the big Berlin neighbourhoods span rivers/canals etc. a few names are added twice in different places.
  • The rivers are mostly not passable. I did this so it was accurate. I plan on working on a modified version with passable rivers (it’s largely already done but needs verifying before release)
  • There are only 2 Industries. I have no idea what industries are in the Berlin area. I recommend Industry Tycoon or similar and to place your own. If requested I can publish a version that will spawn random industry, but as this map is firstly gear towards realism I didn’t want to initially.

Area: Berlin and surrounding area of Brandenburg

Size: 24x24km

Credits: Wagstaff

Download Transport Fever – Berlin Area Map -

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