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Transport Fever – BBÖ 1100/ÖBB 1189 Krokodil

The “Austrian Crocodile” was a true locomotive-legend. In 1923 17 locomotives were built for the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), which were based on the famous “Swiss Crocodies”. The speciality of this type of locomotives are the long “noses”, which are swiveling due to their lenght. Originally built for heavy express trains, the robust locos were later used for all types of trains. These monsters, which produced a very unique engine sound, were almost 60 years in service.

This package contains 5 different variants, which represent the most important changes in their lifetime:

BBÖ 1100.101 (1923 – 1941) – Factory-condition with special tunnel-pantographs, big factory signs and hoses for the vacuum brakes.
DRB E89.107 (1938 – 1948) – Blue-grey WW2-condition with the “Reichsadler”, as they were operated by the Deutsche Reichsbahn.
ÖBB 1189.05 (1945 – 1953) – Experimental brown livery of the 1950s.
ÖBB 1189.09 (1948 – 1975) – Livery in fir green, with new pantographs and a third headlight.
ÖBB 1189.02 (1971 – 1979) – Livery of the 1970s in blood orange, which gave the only locomotive that was repainted like this a unique design.

– Historical correct reproduction of the single operation conditions
– Correct piston- and curve-animations
– Custom, very authentic sound-set

For damages to software or hardware, I accept no responsibility.

I wish you very much fun with these unique vehicles and a pleasant journey!

Credits: DomTrain

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