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Transport Fever – BB9200 Pack (Oulins,Beton,Fret,Multiservice)

BB9200 Pack (Oulins,Beton,Fret,Multiservice) mod for Transport Fever.

V 6.0

-add BB 9284 multiservice livery


-add lights
-accurate fret texture and model
-new texture for beton livery

V 4.0

add new BB9200 in “fret” livery with little update of the model

V 3.0

models and textures update

V 2.0

some update and fix a problem who can make the locomotive jump on crossing road

pack includes the French locomotive BB 9200 in 2 versions :

first livery in original color (green) from 1957 to 1982
second in “beton” color from 1983 to X

windows and drivers ok
all converstion from tf to tpf (dds textures)

textures in 2048*2048

3550kw , 148n
160 km/h
cost and maintenance automatic : 9.26 Millions

Credits: Léon Cleaner's
Test: This mod not tested!

File Details:8.5 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – BB9200 Pack (Oulins,Beton,Fret,Multiservice) -


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