Transport Fever – Banjul Roman Colonies Map

Banjul Roman Colonies Map mod for Transport Fever.

Map of Banjul Area but with roman cities…i did add a few rivers to it via bitmap.

Pretty much flat…i remember that the highest peak is 115 m…so for the fans of flat+rivers you ll love it. Sorry if the AI put bridges where it suck…i can’t control that.

Its a BIG map 18 X 36 Km so you need to have the experimental size set to true to play on it.

You can make a lot of money before 1900….i ve been able to make over 7 millions a year right before 1890.

It aint the actual scale but more like 1 meter in game = 3,33 m in real life.

Credit(s): Denismartelhebert

Download - Transport Fever – Banjul Roman Colonies Map

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