Transport Fever – [AU]C38 class Steam locomotive NSWGR

One of the most iconic Steam train in Australia, fully built with parts sourced from all over Australia. Streamlined versions were first came into service, the design was heavily influenced by American New Haven Class I-5 Hudson. While no Hudson I-5s were ever preserved, the class leader 3801 and its unstreamlined sister 3830 has since been running many heritage excursions within Sydney. On 2007 they were put away in the depot for boiler replacement (2 boilers delivered from Germany for 3801: one for replacement, other as a spare), this year 2018 will see them back on the track after 11 years.

Available: 1943
Top speed: 136 km / h (85 miles / h) Streamlined, 130 km / h (81 miles / h) unstreamlined
Power: 1600hp Streamlined, 2000hp unstreamlined
Tractive effort: 161kN

* PBR textures, with material reflection and effects
* Texture compression and multiple levels of details for less stress on your computer.
* Player selectable colours, you can choose your preferred shade of green !
* Dirt and rust aging.

1. More liveries.
2. Unique sounds. (done)

Credit(s): DannyT

Download - Transport Fever – [AU]C38 class Steam locomotive NSWGR

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