Transport Fever – [AU]A-Set Waratah 8 Car Sets

[AU]A-Set Waratah 8 Car Sets mod for Transport Fever.

The newest and the most reliable member of the Sydney suburban fleet, it was the largest rolling stock order in Australia’s history. The 626 carriages make up around half the Sydney Trains fleet, and replaced two-thirds of the 498 S-set carriages.

Available: 2011
Top speed: 130 km / h
Capacity: in-game (228), 896 seated (real)
Power: 6000kW (?)
Tractive effort: 400kN (?)

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? – I just plug those numbers in because I have no data for them.
* – I have multiply the capacity since the game divide them by 4, don’t know if your computer can handle it, might reduce it with a patch or on the current mod.
This capacity also makes the train expensive to purchase and run.

* PBR textures, with material reflection and effects
* Texture compression and multiple levels of details for less stress on your computer.
* Player selectable colours, you can choose orange for current livery.
* Player selectable logos.
* Dirt aging.
* Interior with 3 crew members. ( unfortunately there is no way for me to make the train guard walk to the other side, so I place 2 of them on each side instead !
* Interior and animations.
* Unique sounds.

Credit(s): DannyT

Download - Transport Fever – [AU]A-Set Waratah 8 Car Sets

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