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Transport Fever – American Truck Pack with asset

Hello a quick not i have got the upgrade 359 almost ready to go if you would like to be part of it let me know need to no filepath and notepad++ for changing mdl,mtl,grp,and,msh if you think that is you add me and send me a message must have mic

please read change notes

This American Truck Pack has Autozone truck, Conrail truck, Cooler Master truck (Approved by Cooler Master,new) Harley Davidson truck, Lego Truck, Pepsi Truck, Smokey, Stevens Transport (new), Swift truck, Taco Bell truck, Walmart truck, West Coast King- custom build (new), World Wide Computers (Approved by world wide computer’s,new)

All of these trucks use the stock mesh

hello once again with this new american truck pack this brings the trucks that i have done all together in one every 10 trucks i do i will put out a new pack dont worry you do not need to get rid of the trucks i have on the workshop i will leave those on so 2 of these truck you noticed approved by the company i had world wide computers ask me to make them a truck while i was doing that i had sent a dm to Cooler Master to make sure they approved of the idea and the build(respect) and it was up to there stats dont want to make a truck that does not look good and they have seen the truck and gave me the thumbs up they liked it. what else is new well the stevens transport truck is new asked by a subscriber. NOW many of you wanted me to drop asset in this pack im still no closer at asset im sorry but i need to get someone that no’s how to add in asset on a mod pack. so when i get the asset going i will add it into this pack so you will not have to search or download anything new just update the content when you start up steam i upgraded the 359 power and capacity to the past mods i have published the freightliner is still stock i want to test it for at least 100 hours so i can work out the pricing dealing with upkeep and end year

thank you for all of the comments,likes and request i love making these trucks. For me it gives the game a new outlook most of the other mods are for the E.U. and trying to rebuild a U.S.A map like the cincinnati map that me and dannyT and Thegametrent made links below for cincinnati no/ind and cincinnati area w/ind so let me know what you think give some ideas ill try to use the ideas for trucks.

im am restarting my lets plays, how to’s,and live streams and making a new custom map with thegametrent and dannyT so if you think map have been missing something let me know i would like to try to fit a bit of everything

Credits: Storm

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