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Transport Fever – American Train Car Pack

American Train Car Pack mod for Transport Fever.

I thought it was weird that grain was hauled in open-top gondolas, even if it does never rain in Transport Fever. So, I changed that, and a bunch of other things while I was at it. Please note, that at the moment this mod only changes the values for the default cars and does not add any new ones. That may change in the future when I learn more about modeling. First on my list of things to add is definitely a proper ore jenny…

Cargo types for each car have been changed to match what the cars actually carried, and maximum speeds and weights have been adjusted to match American practice. This means that cars will be quite a lot heavier, necessitating larger engines for longer trains and maybe even making the gigantic engines like the Big Boy useful!

When playing with this mod and my steam overhaul, it has been my experience that most trains will not usually reach their maximum speed unless the route is long or the train is short. You will have to choose between short and fast trains or long, slow drag freights. This feels much more realistic to me so I intend to leave it that way, but it may not appeal to everyone, so be warned! 🙂


  • Let flat car loads show in gondolas
  • New freight cars: ore jenny, steel coil car
  • Passenger cars to match the locomotives
  • Observation cars
  • Cabooses: Generic ones at first, maybe road-specific ones after.Working on:
    I have the model for the ore jenny, now to figure out what I’m supposed to do with it…

Credits: ruiluth

File Details:938 KB / ZIP
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