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Transport Fever – American Steam Pack

American Steam Pack mod for Transport Fever.

Tired of watching consolidations with 40″ drivers outpacing your 4-4-0s? So was I, so I made this mod. It overhauls all of the American steam locomotives to put them in line with their real-world prototypes, and even copies a few of them to stand in for upgraded versions.

4-4-0s, 2-8-0s, and 2-6-0s all come in three versions now, representing their evolution from tiny, to bigger, and finally to superheated. 4-4-0s and 4-4-2s will now be much faster, although they aren’t any more powerful and won’t be able to haul heavy trains at their top speeds in most cases. Most of the early locomotives have received some performance boosts, although the more modern engines were already pretty accurate so they only needed a few minor tweaks. The only locomotive that lost power was the Hiawatha 4-4-2, which was quite overpowered relative to its prototype. However, it now tops out at 120 mph, if it can ever reach that speed.

I don’t know how to work with models, so for now all these engines use the default shapes and skins. I have a few models in progress, but I’m going to need help if I’m going to get them into the game. Contact me if you’re interested in helping with that.

Here’s a brief description of each locomotive this mod adds or modifies:

American: Based on the General. Uses the general model, and the stats of the actual General locomotive.
CNJ Mogul: The Central Railway of New Jersey built the first true mogul. Uses the Mogul model.
Leigh & Mahanoy Consolidation: This was the engine that gave its name to the class. Uses the class 56 model.
Eight Wheeler: Based on the NYC’s 999, the famous Empire State Express engine and the first vehicle to break 100 mph. Uses the General model.
Heavy Mogul: Represents a class of 2-6-0s inherited by the Southern Pacific from the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe. Uses the Mogul model.
Heavy Consolidation: Represents the Southern Pacific C-5. Uses the class 56 model.
Great Northern K-1: The 4-4-2 model depicts this engine (you can tell by the canted cylinders and Belpaire firebox), so I gave it the stats to match.
Late Eight-Wheeler: Represents the Southern Pacific E-23 after being superheated. Uses the General model. I have a custom model almost complete, so this will be the first engine to receive a new one.
USRA Heavy Mikado: The Great Northern’s O-3 class were USRA heavy mikes, so I matched their stats with the stock mikado model, which is almost a perfect match.
Late Mogul: Represents the Southern Pacific’s M-4 after being superheated. Uses the Mogul model.
Late Consolidation: Represents the Southern Pacific’s C-9 after being superheated. Uses the class 56 model.
Union Pacific 4-12-2: This engine gained a little power, but it’s still not that much better than the USRA mike.
Milwauke Road Class A: Extremely fast, but don’t give it a heavy train!
Union Pacific Big Boy: This engine was almost perfect the way it was, I only adjusted it a little.


  • New models for the heavy and late versions of the 4-4-0, 2-6-0, and 2-8-0
  • New locomotives: 4-6-0, 4-8-4, 2-10-2, 4-6-2. Generic versions at first and maybe specialized ones at some later date. After that I’d like to do a Milwaukee F7, a PRR T1 and K4, a UP or SP 4-10-2, maybe others.
  • Remove all cylinder smoke effects. I don’t know who thought that would be a good idea, but no self-respecting roundhouse foreman would let an engine spewing smoke from her cylinders out on the road.
  • Electric locomotives? GN and MILW boxcabs especially.Working on:
    I’m about halfway done with the model for the E-23, the late 4-4-0. It will probably take a while.

Credits: ruiluth

File Details:1.2 MB / ZIP
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