Transport Fever – Airport Road Connections

Airport Road Connections for Transport Fever.

Enables multiple road connections on all three in-game airports and allows road vehicles to use the airport base roads for travel. (Beta version: Play at your own risk.)


Modded airports are shown with a blue dot in the game interface. This mod will duplicate the 3 base-game airports so you should see the old airports alongside the new ones. Place the modded airport as usual and attach roads wherever the airport base roads come to an end.

Airport road connections:

  • Small: 2 connections (one new on air-field connection) (also removed end year on this airport for testing)
  • Medium: 3 connections (two new)
  • Large: 3 connections (two new)

Where possible, the entry road has been shortened to allow some flexibility in placement of the airport. Note that this also creates a small limitation on attachable street sizes.

Caution: creating through-routes on airport base roads may result in traffic jams at your airport.

Known Limitations
  1. Not all road types can connect to the airport. Airport base roads are small. Some of the larger roads will not connect directly to the small ones after shortening the entry road into the airport (which this mod does). You can resolve this by building a longer entry road first with small road types and then changing to big roads.
  2. If you build additional structures within airport property lines it may become impossible to demolish your additional construction without also destroying the airport. This is mostly an issue for the small airport since it becomes possible with this mod to place roads and bus stops much closer to the apron/taxiway areas. I recommend creating a save point prior to building any overlapping construction, placing additional construction very carefully, or having boatloads of cash on hand to rebuild. Patience helps as well.
  3. As the old saying goes: “If you build an airport in the forest, sooner or later you wind up in trees.” And it’s true… sometimes existing trees manage to find their way onto the tarmac or apron after construction. No worries though! Just make a save point, keep a steady bulldozing finger, and don’t blow all your cash on building the airport because each tree removal costs a whopping $10.
  4. Adding terminals may require temporarily demolishing some connecting roads. This will *always* be the case if you connect to the terminal road directly (the road in front of the gate buildings) and then add terminals later. This is similar to adding tracks to a train station that already has two road connections though so I don’t consider this something that needs fixing. Think of it as part of the cost of re-developing your airport.

This mod does not

  • Allow you to place bus or tram stops on airport base roads. Screenshots illustrate the closest I’ve been able to get.
  • Allow upgrading airport base roads to include bus lanes, tram tracks, or catenary.
  • Allow connecting to the middle portions of airport base roads (where the road does not come to an end).

Credit(s): nate.wilson

Download - Transport Fever – Airport Road Connections

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