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Transport Fever – 71-605 / KTM-5M3 Tram

71-605 / KTM-5M3 europe tram for Transport Fever.

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71-605 aka KTM-5 is a Soviet car famous for being the most numerous streetcar vehicle in history. Also it is remarkable by its unique chain-gear doors, parts unified with Soviet autos and cosmic corrugated design.

This car still works in many Russian, Ukrainian and Belrus cities. It is even used in EU: Larvian Daugavpils still uses some of old Soviet cars with pole-type panthograph, wich is especially remarkable.

In game this car is a bit more expensive, then its co-timers because of its relatively high speed (75 km/h) and monstrous capacity (35 for single and 70 for EMU). For detailed characteristics please see screenshots.

This model has:

  • realistic rextures;
  • detailed interior with passengers and driver;
  • recoloring livery;
  • full custom sounds;
  • animated doors, wheels etc.

If You like it and want some more, You can always make a little donation.

Credits: kowkamurka

File Details:8,8 MB / ZIP
Download Transport Fever – 71-605 / KTM-5M3 Tram - Modsup.com

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