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Transport Fever – 6-2-0 John Stephens

This odd looking 6-2-0 ‘Crampton’ type was built in 1848 for the Camden and Amboy Rail-road, named the John Stephens, these locos were designed to haul short and fast passenger trains. However, with most of their weight over their 6 front wheels, and only a gripping surface the size of a dime, these locomotives were prone to slipping and had low pulling power. Ultimately they were a failure and converted to regular 4-4-0s in the 1860s.

Build date: 1848 – 1868
Speed: 61mph
Weight: 66t
Power: 165hp
Tr Effort: 6,519lbf
Cost: Calculated (298k)

Version with front coupler included for reverse or double-headed running
Recolourable wheels, cab and cowcatcher
Reversed version avaliable
Pre-coupled double-head version

Credits: M4

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