Transport Fever 2 – Tunnel Repainter

Tunnel Repainter for Transport Fever 2. The Tunnel Repainter adds another standard and high speed track. With these tracks the texture of the tunnel walls is changed. This now appears in a more modern concrete…

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Transport Fever 2 – Cargo Wagons Assets

Cargo Wagons assets for Transport Fever 2. Decorative assets “Cargo waggons” Place them on straight tracks! Built-in flexible fit to each other.

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Transport Fever 2 – Dutch Railroad Crossing

Dutch Railroad Crossing for Transport Fever 2. I proudly present the Dutch automatische halve overwegbomen (AHOB), these are the most common types of railroad crossings in the Netherlands. This type uses lights on the both…

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Transport Fever 2 – Extended Trackage

Extended Trackage for Transport Fever 2. Version 1.1 This mod replaces stock tracks with 9 era appropiate track types with three types per era. With their own speed limits and costs. Synopsis: – Added nine…

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Transport Fever 2 – MAN F2000

MAN F2000 for Transport Fever 2. In the 1990s , MAN switched to the new 2000 range. It was the heaviest vehicle belonging to the company range, intended for long-distance transport. F2000 won Truck of…

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Transport Fever 2 – STW Aken Süd (AS)

STW Aken Süd (AS) for Transport Fever 2. Adds the asset signal box Aken Süd (AS) from 1941 hinzu. Made by BluRail.

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Transport Fever 2 – Dutch Catenary Set

Dutch Catenary Set for Transport Fever 2. Dutch catenary set, based of Putje and jo_vink’s 3D models. This set adds 4 extra types of tracks to the game. Based on the most common types of…

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Transport Fever 2 – Fences

Fences for Transport Fever 2. There they are again! Only this time it’s completely different. There are no more grey markings and no guesswork about what the fence will look like at the end. Features:…

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